The Orkneys

Being at the Orkneys was great,. In fact fairly close to the Schotland mainland. I stayed mainly on the main isle. Starting in Kirkwall heading for Stromness. Looking at the cultural highlights like Skara Brae and ring of Brodgar. The most striking part was the isle of Hoy, watching the amazing cliffs, the old man of Hoy. There so many seabirds were having their nests. Even the puffins gave me a glance. I continued my travel back to Kirkwall via St. Margaret’s hope toward Burwick, where I crossed the Pentland Firth to the mainland of Schotland. John o’Groats.

In between I also visited some beaches looking for nurdles. Out of 10 at 4 of them I found only one or two. But be aware, in debris at sandy shore it is easy to distinguish them, but in the often found rocky beaches here, they easily may disappear between the peddles.

Note that you sometimes find very strange items on the beach!!! Most beaches show besides kelp some netting, but in fact very little plastics.
The exact info about all findings of nurdles will be reported after my cycling tour.